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feeling prepared
lots of hugging
Kisses and butt grabs

Your experience with your photographer will be linked to your memories when you look back through your photos. I know this from experience. When I look back through my wedding photos I remember how my photographer made me feel. I remember asking to do poses or try something and her tell me no we can't do that and immediately feeling not important or like poses I wanted mattered. I don't want you to feel that way!

i always want to make you feel heard!

I want you to LOVE your photos! Not only is it important to love your photographers work/style of photography but just as important that you love and vibe well with your photographer. I want to make you feel beautiful and like your ideas are heard. I want to collaborate ideas and show off your personalities! But most important, I want you to be flooded with positive memories and filled with love when you look back through your photos. 

my philosophy

your photos should take you back to this incredible day, with nothing but the best memories!

so what 

the vibe at our sessions?

exactly Is

About me

When I'm not shooting a wedding, helping you create and schedule your wedding day, or editing a session, you can find me at one of my three kids soccer games, sipping a dr pepper. You'll catch me doodling or singing loud in the car, learning more about business or photography, and dating my sweetheart of a husband, Josh!

I can't wait to get to know you, too!!


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MY GOAL AS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER is to make your experience

I want to capture you being yourselves to get those beloved candid moments.

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